5th Scottish Winter Climbing Performance Seminar

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All Mixed Up for Winter Performance

Reported by Haley Lowes (26-11-2004)

In February 2005 on the weekend of the 25 - 27th the 5th Scottish Winter Climbing Performance Seminar will be run. Based at Glenmore Lodge this is primarily a hill based, 'hands on' weekend. In past years some of the key climbers involved in this have included Rich Cross, Andy Cunningham, John Lyle, Scott Muir, Andy Nisbet, Mike Pescod, Jon Preston, Mike 'Twid' Turner and Ollie Saunders. This list of names being a cross-section of the great and the good in Scottish winter climbing.

Why use the word performance? Although the word 'performance' can sometimes put people off with the idea that the seminars are strictly for the seasoned 'cutting edge' activist - honed muscles, and an impressive climbing CV being pre - requisites for attendance at the seminars. That's not the case. No matter what your experience there are a lot of top tips and handy hints you can pick up. From leading strategies, moving fast on mixed terrain, winter anchor and belay options, through to seconding some hard snow plastered mixed route there's' a lot to pick up. With that in mind the seminars are for everyone; whether you are just starting out in the Scottish winter scene or an established winter activist, the 5th Scottish Winter Performance Seminar has something to offer everyone.

Check out the website for full details at www.glenmorelodge.org.uk and go to 'events'

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