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A cold December night and Pier Place starts to familiarly load up with traffic for the next round of the Alien Rock fun comps. Being so close to Christmas everyone & everything was in a festive mood, and who should make a repeat appearance but Rudolf. Or at least Rudolf AR style, this year posing as a deceptive, balancey 6a/b that was sure to trip up those who hadn't been paying attention to the beta. Maybe well see a pal for him next year in some clefty mantle manoeuvre?

The route setters seemed to have settled down with a good spread of problems across the grades, this time the hard problems were goers, allowing many to get frustratingly close to success i.e. the problems on the 30 deg wall, and upstairs.

A couple of bridging problems were on offer, even Niall seemed to struggle, well on one move anyway. The screw-on problems on the verts were proper brick, no one seemed to complete them despite many tries from the big guns.

Prizes were a bit less on the ground than the before, but bigger prizes going to good boys and girls for all that training you do. Nice packs, a rope, hats and Ts, and the tributary pair of walking sticks for helping the real training skinnys to the wall.

The next comps scheduled for 17th January lets hope the competitors and the route setters have left their excess 'tukeys' at home.


Mens Hard Category Womens Hard Category
Name Score Name Score
Niall Mcnair 320 April Marr 249
Gary Vincent 320 Olga Heaney 247
Chris Graham 293 Katharina Platte 247
Mark Mcquade 290 Katie Hider 235
Mens Easy Category Womens Easy Category
Name Score Name Score
Peter Cowburn 237 Kathryn Burt 189
Andy Munro 236 Emily Strong 174
Fran Winkles 219 Fran Winkles 219
Mens Under 16's Category Womens Under 16's Category
Name Score Name Score
David Lambert 227 Lianne Smith 176
Jack Willoughby 204 Aline Kirkland 167
Richard Field 160 Hannah Aitken 122

Dave Redpath (13-12-2002)

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