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Originally from a list put together by Julian Lines

Julian Lines on Depth Charge Direct, a Craig Stirling classic

This list shows most of the DWS found on the Aberdeen sea-cliffs (to date). Craig Stirling and the Red Tower are the main venues in the North East as they have a good concentration of routes and are home to many classics. If that's not enough for you check put the main Deep water soloing page, or have a look through the North-East Outcrops section.

  • Grades are British tech grades
  • For more information on the routes and DWS the SMC's North-East Outcrops and Rockfax's Deep Water are wortwhile buys.



  • S0- normally safe at most tides with the crux generally quite low.
  • S1- Take Care, be sure to check the tide, potentially a high crux.
  • S2- Take even more care!! tides very important as are landings, may have to push back off rock when falling off.
  • S3- Good Luck.......

Logie Head

  • Dark Star** 5b (S1)

Promontory Wall

  • Sole Fusion** 5b (S2)

  • Soul Mate ** 5b (S2)

Red Tower

  • Dances With Seals * 6a (S0)

  • Aquaphoria ** 6a (S1)

  • Pump n Jump 5a (S3)

  • Mowgli ** 6a/b (S2)

  • Baloo ** 6b (S1)

  • Shere Khan *** 6c (S1)

  • Hole in the Wall*** 6b (S1)

  • Bagheera *** 6c (S2)

  • Red Bull ** 5a (S3)

Little Red Tower

  • Edgeling ** 4c (S0)

  • Esoterica ** 6a (S0)

Yoags Island

  • Treasure Island * 5c (S0)

  • Yoags Traverse 5a (S0)


  • Prowess *** 6b (S2)

Bass Inlet

  • Taras Bulbar 6a/b (S1)

Bruin Cove

  • Clash of the Titans*** 6a (S2)

  • Last of the Mohicans ** 6a (S3)


Julian Lines on Serpent, Clashrodny
  • Suicide Blonde** 6b (S2)

  • Perseus* 6a (S1)

  • Serpent** 5a (S2)

See the main Clashrodney page

Berrymuir Head

  • Deputy Dawg 5c (S2)

  • Bobaluie* 6a (S1)

  • Quick Draw McGraw * 5b (S1)

  • Fistful of Barnacles* 6a (S1)

  • Nervous Impulse 5b (S2)

  • Majuro* 6a/b (S1)

  • Kwajalein 6a/b (S1)

  • Taongi* 6b (S1)

  • Enewtak 6a (S1)

Craig Stirling

Simon Westaway on Lean Meat, Craig Stirling
Mike Lee enjoying Depth Charge (5a/S3)
Craig Stirling
  • Lean Meat*** 5c (S1)

  • Raw Meat* 5c/6a (S2)

  • Red Meat** 6a (S1)

  • Sushi*** 6c (S1)

  • Roaring Forties* 6b (S0)

  • Jack Sprat* 6a (S0)

  • Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea** 6a (S2)

  • Hell and High Water* 6b (S2)

  • Jeux sans frontiers** 5c (S2)

  • War without Tears** 6b (S1)

  • Depth Charge** 5a (S3)

  • Depth Charge Direct*** 5c (S1)

  • Wet Pussy** 5c (S3)

  • Eastern Girdle** 5a (S1)

South Cove

  • Black Sleep*** 6a (S2)

  • Super Cracks In Reality **** 6b (S3)

  • Wildboys 5c/6a (S2)

  • Waterboys* 5c/6a (S1)

North Doonies Yawn

  • Jerry Lights Traverse** 5a (S1)

  • Fettie Freaks* 5c/6a (S3)

Cairnrobin Point

  • Sunlovers Traverse* 5b (S1)

Findon Shore Crag

(See the main Findon Cliffs page)

  • For whom the bells toll 5a/5b (S1)

Safety Note

  • Dont solo alone!
  • Check tides, landings, and escape route from water.
  • Try and make sure you land feet first, legs together.
  • Have fun, be safe and get out there!!

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