Aberdeen Deep Water Solo Fest

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This year's DWS festival took place on Saturday 16th August. The venue was again Craig Stirling and a good crowd of keen climbers came along from as far as Glasgow. The sun came out for a good part of the day, though the water temperature was still really low!

This didn't stop some climber's really "hanging out the hoop". Polish Pete, watched by a anticipating crowd, chicken-wing campused his way along Lean Meat before splashing down just before the finish. Simon Dunford attempted a backwards dyno to the last hold of Raw Meat, and belly flopped in to the north sea.

Some wacky climbers turn up in period costume. errr...

Depth charge and Lean meet were again popular and were well chalked by the end.

Thanks to Danny Laing for 'organising' it. He had this to say about the lichen top outs - "there's only so much one man can do... you couldn't even see rock before" - thanks buddy.

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