Aleister Crowley A Passion for Evil Edinburgh - John Burns

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New one man play about Mountaineer Aleister Crowley

6th - 28th August(Not 22/23) 16.15 Cvenues Venue 54, Edinburgh

Black magician Aleister Crowley faces a stark choice, will he live the rest of his life in obscurity or perform his last great ritual, summoning to the stage the Egyptian god Horus. An unforgettable ritual but one that will cost him his life.

Purple Media make their Fringe debut with Aleister Crowley: A Passion for Evil, a dark story that explores the life of one of the most controversial men of the twentieth century. John Burns gives a chilling performance as a man driven to despair as greatness slips from his grasp.

Forced to earn a living touring as a magician Crowley is backstage struggling with his demons. Born a devout Christian, Crowley turned against his faith following the death of his father, and plunged into an uncompromising search for the truth. He explored many religions and eventually found solace in Magick, his own interpretation of the religion of the ancient Egyptians.

Crowley’s quest took him across the world, as a mountaineer he made one of the first attempts on Kanchenjunga. He became a notable, a novelist and a master of the occult writing many great works. His explorations of the workings of his own mind, his experimentation with drugs and his sexual excesses earned him the title of “The Wickedest Man in the World”.

Crowley is a man who remains surrounded by mystery, in this one man play John Burns delves beneath the myth to reach the real man who many still know simply as The Beast. Burns takes us on a journey as Crowley relives the pivotal moments in his life. The style of the play reflects the different aspects of Crowley’s life; at times it is poetic, sometimes funny, frequently irreverent but always dramatic and powerful.

John Burns is a published poet and stand up comedian whose experiences as a mountaineer inspired his interest in the enigmatic figure of Crowley.


Aleister Crowley: New one man play

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Climber: John Burns

Video: Zeroclimber (May 2010)

Desc: a preview of John Burns one man play Aleister Crowley: A passion for Evil. Edinburgh Fringe C venues 6th to 28th August Comments

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