Alien Rock Birthday Party!

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Alien Rock are celebrating their tenth birthday party in their usual style - a fancy dress party at Alien Rock 2. What sort of fancy dress? Knowing Alien Rock customers it's bound to be bad taste, whatever it is they're wearing (hey, they said that, not me!). Expect the usual debauchery. The Cairn Cafe will be providing a barbeque, but you should bring your own booze as the Alien Rock supplied drinks won't last all night!

Entry is free for those in fancy dress. Otherwise it's 3 quid per head which Alien Rock will rather excellently donate to ScottishClimbs!

OK then, no lame excuses - get yourselves to AR2 at 37 West Bowling Green Street on Saturday 19th June, about 7.30pm.

Mark Somerville (03-06-2004)

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