Andy Kirkpatrick Lectures (2004)

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In his lectures Andy Kirkpatrick will be talking about what he's been up to this year. His new talk "A chocolate river runs through it" revolves around climbing in the alps, Norway, America tied around the usual choas of strange tales involving dwarfs, a million gallons of chocolate and Johnny Depp.

"Somewhere between Billy Connelly and Joe Simpson, Andy Kirkpatrick takes the traditional mountaineering slideshow and turns it on its head. If you only ever see one mountaineering lecture in your life then make sure this is the one!"

  • Aberdeen University - 7th December

Location: Fraser Noble Lecture Theatre 1, Fraser Noble Building, Off Bedford Road, Aberdeen University, Aberdeen.
Lecture title: 'A chocolate river runs through it'

  • Dundee University - 8th December

Location: Ground Floor of the University Tower Building on Perth Road
Lecture title: 'When Hell Freezes Over' - Expeditions to Patagonia in winter

  • St Andrews University - 9th December

Location: 'School III', St. Salvators Quad, North Street, St. Andrews.
Lecture title: 'A chocolate river runs through it'

Kick off for all events is 7.15pm for 7.30pm start. Tickets are £5.50 from or £6.00 on the door. If you need more information email

Dave Redpath (22-10-2004)

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