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Si O'Conor has completed another one of his many hard projects at the Boneyard crag on Lewis. 'Hyper Ballad' V14/15 or Font 8b+/c in old coins crosses an extremely steep section of the recently developed 'Boneyard' crag. The very steep left wall is crossed on extremely poor slopey finger edges to a hard pull through to the main vertical wall. Voyage totals some 10 to 12 moves to the lip via plenty of weird contortions, with a finale of 7 further full stretch English 6c moves.

Si seems smug in the fact that the first ascent was done in fine weather. The North West enjoyed some glorious weather last week, while the rest of the country saw the death throws of Hurricane Alex

Reported by Si O'Conor (18-08-2004)

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