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Malcolm Smith is in the process of dismissing all The Anvil's test pieces as "paths". In the space of 3 visits his ticks include - Spitfire 8a+; Fire Power 8b (2nd ascent) (probably 8b+); a 2nd go tick after narrowly missing the flash on Bloodfire 8a+ (2nd ascent)(probably 8b). He was only denied the 2nd ascent of Bodyswerve 8c, by breaking a small piece of the crux handhold and came very close to the 2nd ascent of Bodyblow 8b+, coming off the last hard move several times (probably 8c - Most of the Anvil routes apart from Bodyswerve seem to be pretty hard for their given grades!). Watch this space, as Bodyblow and Bodyswerve are unlikely to put up too much more resistance!

Meanwhile on a quick visit from his new home in the north Dave MacLeod repeated Bloodfire and Fire Power in an afternoon (thinking them to be hard F8a+ and F8b respectively). It would seem we're no nearer a grade consensus on these new lines.

News Flash: Malcolm returned on Wednesday of this week with Alan Cassidy. They both managed to quickly dispatch Bodyblow for the 2nd and 3rd ascents respectively. They have also confirmed the grade at a solid 8b+.

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