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JENNY PUGH – Arctic Foxes

Tickets, locations and times:

Glasgow: 7.30 pm, Thursday 22nd January 2009. £6.50 in advance, £7.50 on the door.

EICA, Ratho: 7.30 pm, Wednesday 21st January 2009. £5.

In 2006 the Arctic Foxes braved freezing temperatures to become the first British all-female team to cross the Greenland ice sheet. They covered 1100km from Kangerlussuaq in the west to Ammasillik in the east……and back again, walking up to 16 hours a day and dragging 50kg pulks loaded with their entire expedition kit.

Two years later, long enough for their feet to recover before becoming itchy again, Jenny and fellow Fox, Felicity, dusted off their pulks and headed for Lake Baikal in far eastern Siberia. Surrounded on all sides by pristine mountain ranges, Lake Baikal is the oldest, deepest and most ecologically unique lake in the world. It contains one fifth of the earth’s freshwater and in winter, when temperatures plummet as low as -50°C, the whole surface freezes with a thick layer of beautifully transparent ice. The pair spent 30 days on the ice travelling the length of the lake from Kultuk on the southern shore to Nizhneangarsk in the north, a distance of over 700km. Stopping at remote villages along the way they experienced Russian hospitality at its best and, as the month progressed, became increasingly proficient at chasing down frozen, raw, salted fish with vodka shots.

Come and listen to Jenny’s lively, compelling account of the highs and lows of both expeditions, accompanied by photos, film and music from these obscure parts of the world.

“We have already received a number of plaudits for your talk last evening. It was a wonderful and inspiring tour de force. I can see you joining the ranks of the inspirational speakers. You should get an agent!” Peter Lloyd Jones - Captain Scott Society

“It was great to hear such passion and commitment … refuels our faith in human endurance and spirit, especially of the female variety.” Kiehl’s

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