Arisaig Cave

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Park on the bend and walk south around a small lochan before heading down to the beach. Scramble back west around the headland and the cave should come into sight.

The Routes

Left Wall

The left wall of the cave provide some incredibly steep challenges.

Triangulation Font 8a


??? Font 7b


Bone Broke Font 7c


Bone Broke Low Font 7c

Starting on the undercuts of the 7b but moving lower.

All The Small Things Font 8a


At Eternity's Gate Font 8b

Link Bone Broke into the next route via a mid way Bat hang.

??? Font 7b+

Start on the mid way jugs in the cave. Drop down and traverse right until its possible to reach for a jug on the right wall.

Right Wall

The right wall of the cave is slightly disappointing but has a few worthwhile problems.

Traverse ??? Font ??


Eternity's Gate

Route: Eternity's Gate Font 8b (hard).

Climber: Dave MacLeod

Video: Dave MacLeod 12/05/2010

Desc: Dave getting back into shape for the rock season. Comments


Route: Triangulation 8a

Climber: Dave MacLeod

Video: Dave MacLeod

Desc: Hard straight up. [1]

Bone Broke

Route: Bone Broke 7c.

Climber: Michael Tweedley

Video: Dave MacLeod 12/05/2010

Desc: Michael finally succeeds with a few tantrums along the way! Arisaig Cave. Comments

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