Balnacoul Castle

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Glen Lednock's Balnacoul Castle...


Great Buttress

Spare Rib - 30m Severe

Piggies Paradise - 40m E2 5b *

No Place for a Wendy - 45m E3 5c ***

Wendy's Day Out - 45m E4 6a *

The Great Crack - 45m E3 5b/5c **

The Chancers - 45m E3 5c *

Les Alpinists Deshabilles - 65m E1 5a

Pole-axed - 15m E4 6a **

South Buttress

Gabrielle - 30m E4 6a *

Central Groove - 30m E2 5c **
Evidence of rockfall and some loose rock noted 06/08/11. Pegs are fairly poor. Would suggest E3 no stars.

Carcase Wall - 90m Severe **
(Direct Finish VS 4c)

Lunar Buttress

Dividing Chimney - 25m Severe

Sunburst - 30m E@ 5b *

Moonraker - 30m VS 4c

Moonbeam - 35m VS 4c *

The Grafter - 25m VS 4c *

Lunar Groove - 35m VS 4c

Percy Thrower - 20m VDiff

Superlative Buttress

Humdinger - 25m E1 5b**

Little Brahama - 25m VS 4c *
(Direct Finish HVS 5a)

Sweat - 15m HVS 4c

Barnstormer - 20m VS 4c *

Base Crag

White Lines 10m VS 4c

Forgotten Crag

Hanging Buttress

Hormone Warrior - 20m E4 6a **

Pump Up the Groove - 20m E5 6a **

Huckleberry Thin - 20m E4 5c *

Weeping Wall

Bruised and Battered - 12m E1 5b
Glen Lednock's 'Balnacoul Castle...

Diamond Buttress

Rough Cut - 20m E4 6a

Ballindalloch Crag

Solutions to a Small Problem - 20m E5 6b ***

Jungle Warfare - 25m HVS 5a

'Bridget Midget - 25m E1 5b

Zig and Zag - 50m HVS 5a/4c

Lower Buttress

Drunk and in Charge - 10m E1 5c

Feet Don't Fail me Now - 25m E1 5a

No Digidy - 25m E2 5b

Optical Illusion - 25m E2 5b

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