Ben Blighted by Bananas

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The summit of Britain’s highest mountain is being blighted by hundreds of discarded banana peels.

Fifty-five per cent of the litter removed from Ben Nevis by volunteers during work parties organised by the John Muir Trust this year has been banana skin.

Sarah Lewis, John Muir Trust Conservation Officer for Nevis, said:

I am sure that the vast majority of walkers are responsible and take their litter back down the Ben with them, but there is a significant minority who are littering and spoiling the experience for everyone else. Quite simply if you carry something up, you should carry it back down.
Banana skins are a particular problem because people think they will quickly disappear. Sadly this isn’t the case. We’ve often caught walkers in the process of chucking their banana skin on the path. When you speak to them about it they say it is not a problem because they will biodegrade.

Because the mean temperature on the summit plateau of the Ben fluctuates between five degrees above and below zero degrees Celsius, the process takes significantly longer than it would at lower levels.

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