Boulder-hunting in the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park - Cowal

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Loch Goil

Hell's Glen

Looks from the road as if the bit worth investigating is the section of hillside on the south side of the glen at the east end - Uamh Mhic Eoin Riabhaich on the map.

Gleann Canachadan

Park just after turning right at the junction (coming from the Rest and be Thankful) for the track going south and round into Gleann Canachadan and onto the northern slopes of Mullach Coire a' Chuir. About twenty minutes walking takes you to where the forestry track doubles back to the left. Carry on straight up through the trees, crossing the burn via the rickety footbridge, and over the fence at the top of the trees. Over on the left on the south side of the glen there is a big boulder obscured by a tree growing out of it, close to the edge of the forestry. This doesn't have anything worthwhile. A little way further up there are some small boulders. Very nice rock. Two bigger boulders together towards the back of the jumble. Right hand one has a good looking easy arete. Possible warm-up for... Bigger boulder clearly visible about a hundred metres further up the glen, again over on the south side. Big flat slightly overhanging front face. Rock similar to Anvil. Banding flat rather than wavy, and distinctive incut undercuts with slopey ripples for feet. Not really much of a line, but a good clean face - OK landing. Two or three mats necessary at the moment, but some patioing work would be fairly straightforward - fair bit of loose rock about. Boulder seems to have, err, relocated in the not-too-distant past... eek. Sloper traverse round to the left would be good and hard, but the landing is steep and loose.


Outcrops up the hillside immediately above the shop not up to much, according to Michael (despite appearances...), but from the road down the west side of the loch one can see a big boulder by a burn in a slight depression a little way up to the right of these. Particularly obvious in low winter sunlight. Looking at GoogleMaps, it seems that there's another one a little way to the north that looks bigger on the satellite image...

Carrick Castle

There's something about Loch Goil... The Anvil on one side, and this on the other. The right arete would be about 8B, Malcolm's verdict on the traverse of the steep face was 'I think it's humanly possible...', and the up-the-way lines on the steep face are, err, a bit silly - but that ramp looks sooo good. One for the future. Particularly the right to left traverse into the ramp. Obviously possible - and obviously outrageously hard. Makes me drool just looking at it.

Loch Eck

Carnach Mor

Up the Lettermay Burn from Lochgoilhead and along the Cowal Way, or more quickly eastwards from Glen Branter? Caves marked on the map.

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