Boulder-hunting in the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park - Loch Katrine, The Trossachs and Inversnaid

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Loch Katrine (north-west end) and Inversnaid

Glen Gyle

See discussion page.

Strath Gartney

Very impressive boulder below the crags on the other side of the loch from Stronachlachar. Clearly visible just to the right of the tree tops on the peninsula over to the left when you are sitting on the wooden bench on the pier. Very solid rock. Cool holds. Good line. Long approach - not particularly justifiable in terms of working what would be an 8A+ or 8B unless you can get a bike (a road bike would be ideal) to Stronachlachar and cycle round the loch to the Black Isle in around 30 minutes. 20 minutes walking gently uphill from there. Thanks to John Watson for pointing this one out to me.

From the new wooden bench on the pier at Stronachlachar you can see a boulder jumble over on Meall Dearg, directly through the dip in the tops of the trees on the islet just off the shore if you're sitting on the left end of the bench. Bike pretty much essential for getting that far round the loch.

Mike L - I've tried the line twice now and seen enough to say it is surely possible. There are some warms there that I've done which are:

East Face

1. Homecomings, Font 6b. Sit start on right hand side follows low ramp righwards to arete.

2. Long way home, Font 6a+. Start left hand side, straight up through good crimps.

Loch facing wall

3. Bad arete, font 5+. Sit start far right of the wall, just below the step.

4. Old Joy. font 6b. From standing, the zig zag crack on the front face.


Did you get up to the ramp leading into the bottom of the groove? Looked to me like it had some annoyingly hard-to-remove lichen on it. Did you try the sit or just the stand?

Mike L

I was looking at the prow to the right. Getting to that ramp looked impossible (prove me wrong!). Just tried the prow from standing.

I would love to - not likely to happen any time soon, though! Best holds are on the section up to the ramp, hard bits - judging by the size of the holds - are going to be the sitting start and matching the ramp then moving across to the groove, as far as I can tell from looking at it. Very nice looking couple of moves on that middle section. Funny how folk can form completely different impressions of the same piece of rock - that's one of the great things about climbing, I suppose!


An Garadh

Obvious boulder visible on the skyline on the spur falling eastwards from the summit when looking through from the track by the River Larig. Big vertical/slightly overhanging lines on the back of it, the left arĂȘte looks good. Essentially soloing, though the landing isn't bad. Rock looks fine. Quite a few boulders on the slopes to the south of this spur, i.e. back towards Loch Katrine. Steep prow here facing north. Looks pretty good, though not very big. Another boulder under it makes a flat sloping landing. Mat of some sort probably necessary, but not worth carting a full-size one in all that way. Certainly would need other objectives besides this to make it worth walking in all that way. Rock quality in this part of the world seems good, sometimes amazing, and there's lots of rock about. Need to go back.

The Trossachs

Glen Finglas

Picturesque part of the world. The long cycle ride on the track that loops round Meall Cala looks like a great outing. One cursory venture halfway up the glen - didn't see a whole heap of boulders. Will have to go back on the bike.

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