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Bouldering on Salisbury Crags

Climbing by Public Transport for People in Edinburgh

Don't have a driving liscence? Got no mates who drive? Green? Still want to go Climbing?

Then never fear, there are plenty of places you can get to from Edinburgh without the use of a car. Here's a selction of some of the nicest, easist to get to, climbing venues we know.

In the City

Sailsbury Crags

The most obvouse climbing venue in the city is of course Arthur's Seat. Of all the crags here climbing is only really encouraged in the quarry at the east end of Salisbury Crags. Many a happy sunny afternoon can be spent traversing the back wall, with some harder problems on the right wall.

  • Ease: Very
  • Mode:Bike it, walk it or Bus it (buses to Holyrood or Commonwealth Pool)
  • Cost: £3 (or less)
  • Journey Time: 30 mins aprox (depends on where you start)

Blackford Hill and Agassiz Rock

The other duo of venues within the city proper are Agassiz Rock and Blackford Hill. Agassiz Rock provides steep sharp bouldering, and Blackford hill provideds chossy slabs at about v-diff/severe. They are right next to each other so the same applies to both

  • Ease: Pretty easy
  • Mode: Bike or Bus unless you live close by.
  • Cost: £3 (or less)
  • Journey Time: 30 mins aprox (depends on where you start)

On the Doorstep

The Hawkcraig

Also known as Aberdour, the Hawkcraig, lies opposite Edinburgh on the Fife side of the Forth. A 30 minute train ride from Edinburgh, takes you over the bridge to the village of Aberdour. From the station it's a short walk down to the sea and along to the crag. Trains are pretty regular, every 30 mins throughout the day, slowing to once an hour after 8pm, and the last train home is just after 11pm at night. Some of the routes at the crag are tidal so worth checking the tide times as well as the train times.

  • Ease: Very
  • Mode: Train then a short walk
  • Cost: £6 for an off peak return, £9 for a anytime return.
  • Journey Time: 45 mins aprox


Auchinstarry Quarry is located near the village of Croy. About half of the trains that run between Edinburgh and Glasgow Queen Street call at Croy station -one every 30 mins approximately, with a journey taking just over half an hour. From Croy station the quarry is a short walk though the village.

  • Ease: Quite
  • Mode: Train to Croy, then walk to crag.
  • Cost: Off peak return £10. Anytime return £16
  • Journey Time: 35 min train + 25 min walk = 1 hour


Also try these

Further A-feild

Some places that are reasonably simple to get away to, from Edinburgh, for a weekends climbing.

Glen Coe

Glen Coe is on the Glasgow to Fort William route for the Citylink coach service. There's three coach stops in the Glen, one at the ski station, one at the crossroads and one at the visitors centre. You can get on a coach at 4pm on a friday in Edinburgh and be in Glen Coe by 8.30pm - Staying until the 7.40 home on sunday night, which will have you back in Embra for just before the midnight bells.

  • Ease: Pretty Easy, just one change in Glasgow
  • Mode: Train or Coach,+ Coach
  • Cost: £27 standard one way £46 standard return (cheaper promotions eg the £35 explorer pass or advance booking)
  • Journey Time: 4:20 one way by coach



You probably won't be nipping over to Arran for a day by public transport - but for a weekend it's very doable venue for the public transport user, and you get to go on a boat (bonus!).

From Edinburgh you'll need to get to Glasgow Central Station - There are a few ways to do this, either hop on one of the regular trains to Glasgow Queen Street and walk the short distance across town (quickest), or get a slower train to Central, or there is sometimes an option with a change that can get you into Central. From Central Station you need to catch the train to Ardrossan Harbour, but beware cos not all trains that go to Ardossan go all the way to the Harbour - Looking at the ferry timetable will show the trains that do connect.

Once at the Harbour, it's an hours ferry ride over to Brodick. There are 5 ferries a day in summer (just 4 on sundays). Once on the Island the buses run round the island, and connect very well with the ferries.

  • Ease: Reasonably - there's a few changes, but they connect very well.
  • Mode: Train, Ferry + Bus
  • Cost: Train Return £24/27. Ferry (foot passenger)£9.30 return. TOTAL £40
  • Journey Time: Train 2 hours 20 minutes + Ferry 1 hour = 3:30 to 4 hours



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