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The Celtic Jumble (NG 909 557) is a South facing. Behind the gap in the two plantations on the north side of the road at the base of Glen Torridon lies a Gritstone style edge and a huge boulderfield. The rock is good quality sandstone and the area offers an excellent selection of low to mid grade problems in a compact area. The boulders are so named due to the large celtic carvings on some of the faces. The main edge also has a number of routes. Good conditions are frequent due to the open aspect and the rocks dry quickly.


you can buy a laminated topo for the circuits at the Torridon Youth Hostel ~ 30-40 problems for £2.50 by Neil Hinchcliff

See also: Ship Boulder

Directions & Approach

Either park at Torridon Youth Hostel or at a layby oppsite the gap betwwen the plantations. A five minute walk across the bog (wellies useful) gains the boulderfield.

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