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Dave Redpath - 19/10/2002

Friday 19th October seen the first round of the popular Alien Rock 'Fun' Bouldering Series. Staff were out and about as always beamy faced to get the scope on how their problems were going down with the crowd.

In the Hard category the 'Black Blobs' were back along with the familiar faces to try them. No one managing to flash the 30 degree problem, and all present were stopped dead by its neighbouring set of pusher screw-ons. Even star guest for the night 'Mr Ben Moon' was denied, no doubt tired from all that autograph signing?

In the easy category most of the problems were a bit stiffer than of previous years. Still the running theme of daunting steps, jumps and traverses pursued to shake out the uncoordinated.

Prizes were again by raffle this year, with no prizes for top three until the last competition (where by the best 4 scores of the 5 events will count towards the final positions). This gave a fairer chance for everyone to win something, some very tasty prizes were to be won including a couple of Moon Landing bouldering mats a Vango tent and various sizes of rucksacks, T-shirts, and the usual allsorts.

Great to see the route setting teams imagination is fertile as ever, always useful to try and 'corner' the creator of that technical horror you've been avoiding all night.

A strange sight was seen in the pub later that night... Two out of the three men that have climbed 'Hubble' 8c+ under the same roof, has the Harbor Inn has ever seen such stars? Now finally it has!

Round 1 Results:

Mens Hard Category 1. Andy Earl 327 pts 2. Niall McNair 315 pts 3. Roddy McKenzie 310 pts

Womens Hard Category
1. Kate Swain 240 pts
2. Sadie Renwick 234 pts
3. Kirsty Mcbirnie 224 pts

Mens Easy Category
1. Stephen Barnes 210 pts
2. Patrick Winter 205 pts
3. Alisdair Brightman 200 pts

Womens Easy Category
1. Janine Renton 149 pts
2. Barbaro Miller 147 pts
3. Kathryn Henderson 147 pts

Boys Under 16's
1. Sam Clarke 239 pts
2. Jack Willoughby 171 pts
3. Michael Kennedy 138 pts

Girls Under 16's
1. Aline Kirkland 152 pts
2. Hannah Aitken 118 pts
3. Katie Mullins 64 pts

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