Chlochodrick Stone

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The Chlochodrick Stone is an esoteric wee boulder at the side of the road in a field, providing an entertaining hour or two on those summer evenings. Alot of the routes are very eliminate and the suggestion is just to go and mess around: be creative and tailor the climbs for yourself.


Please use chalk very sparingly because its getting pretty bad out there. Bare in mind this is a historic thingy. Maybe bring a wet cloth with you if you are planning on turning the stone white.

Directions & Approach

Along Burntshields Road near Kilbarchan (turn left at weavers cottage) - follow this for about two miles 'til it is visible on the left before a crossroads.


It's best to just go have fun yourself, although a list of routes may be found on ukc. There are a good few traverses and some fun sit start boulder problems. It can be as hard or as easy as you like.

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