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Scottish Rock Vol. 1 (Garry Latter).
Commited II DVD artwork (Hotaches)
Alan Cassidy keeping body tension on Precious, Glen Croe. (Stone Country Press)

It's been another bumper year for Scottish climbing writers and film-makers. Please show your support for them by purchasing one of the following as a Christmas gift:

  • Scottish Rock Vol. 1 by Gary Latter (Pesda Press) £23.00 - review here, buy here.
  • Essential Fontainebleau and Bouldering in Scotland by John S. Watson (Stone Country Press) £9.99 and £19.99 - review here, (plus another to follow) and available here.
  • Committed Vol. 2 DVD by Hotaches Productions £19.99 - review here, available here.
  • Echo Wall DVD by Claire and Dave MacLeod £19.99 - review here, available here.
  • Elements DVD by Pete Murray £14.95 - review here, available here.

The above authors have kindly supplied ScottishClimbs with sample copies from the above list and we're pleased to announce we'll be running another Christmas giveaway (details to follow). Be sure to brush up on your diverse knowledge of Scottish climbing. If you've been missed out please email and we can add you.

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