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A general introduction here

(Style of climbing, rock type, history)


Directions & Approach

How to get there

First you'll have to find lossiemouth. It's pretty big you can't not find it really, 5 miles north of elgin (you really can't miss elgin). Once in lossiemouth find the west beach car park (you may need to ask for directions).Once at the car park get out and head west, it takes a while. First climbs you will come across are quite obvious (great big lighthouse on top), however these climbs i don't think are in any guide books. Keep heading west for about 2-3 miles and try to stick close to the sea otherwise you'll get lost on top of the cliffs. you'll know when you're there. It is possible to get in from by hopeman then heading east but a small quarry sort of gets in the way, but it may be quicker.


Any restrictions or Bird bans

The Climbing

Boulders Bay

Routes are described from right to left

Covesea guide 1.JPG

1. Sandanista 12m E2 5c*
2. The Domino Effect 12m E3 5c**
3. Squadrone Muerte 15m E3 5c
4. Gurkha Patrol E3 5c
5. Banana Republic E1 5b**
6. Facist Octopus E5 6b**

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