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Training for climbing lecture, 5pm March 8th Transition Extreme Aberdeen

Safe is risky lecture, 7pm March 8th Transition Extreme Aberdeen

In ‘Safe is Risky’ I talk about my two year preparation for climbing Echo Wall, centred around how my attitude to risk in climbing and life developed and allowed me to be 100% sure I was ready for the hardest trad route in the UK.

The lecture on training for climbing will be my first of this type. Many years ago when I’d not long started climbing I heard that the famous training guru Marius Morstad was giving a lecture on training for climbing at the Kendal Mountain Festival. I had to go to it! It made me go to the festival for the first time and I loved hearing what Marius had to say about a subject I was massively interested in. So now I’ve been immersed in this subject ever since I’m going to try and do something similar and pass on the most important elements that I’ve seen help climbers continue to break into new grades as the years go on.

There won’t be too much about tweaking the fine details of climbing training (because these only become important for the very few). Instead I’ll be talking a lot about how the attitudes, influences and habits you bring to climbing play out in how you improve at it, in lots of unobvious ways.

My aim with this talk is to pass on a useful insight for any climber, beginner or expert about how there is a linked chain right through from your general approaches to the changes in muscle that make you stronger otherwise. Most climbers don’t ever get good because they start in the wrong places and head in the wrong directions or get stuck in cul-de-sacs. I’m hoping to make the subject a bit easier to navigate.

There will be some time at the end to ask specific questions you have and I’ll be around all evening if you want to ask things. Tickets for both the training and Safe is Risky lecture are £8 or £12 for both. You can buy your ticket online from my lectures page here or from Transition Extreme.

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