East meets West Bouldering League 2007/08 - Results

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The results from the bi-costal East Meets West Bouldering League 2007/08.


Round One

Round Two

Held at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena on Saturday the 17th November 2007

Male Hard Category Female Hard Category
1. Roddy McKenzie 1. Anna Trybis
2. Niall McNair 2. Severine Monerat
3. Ross Hunter
Male Easy Category Female Easy Category
1. Dean Mowbray 1. Sharon Wright
2. Richie Carwin 2. Rosie Pape
3. Marc Fallis
Male Under 18's Category Female Under 18's Category
1. Deb Banerei 1. Karen McIntyre
2. Alex Graham 2. Amelia Breeze
3. Robbie Philllips
Male Under 14's Category Female Under 14's Category
1. Calum Forsyth 1. Jamie Davidson
2. Angus Davidson 2. Lyndsey Forsyth
3. Stuart Leith 3. Rachel Tennant

Round Three

Round Four

Round Five

Round Six

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