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Climbers' Hand Cream is made by Eva Tombs, who used to run the Aveva shop in Edinburgh on Bruntsfield Place. She designed it for her climbing friends, to help keep their fingers from exploding. It works a treat.

You can get it for 7.50 if you collect it from her's (personal callers welcome by appointment only), or she'll do mail order for a tenner (cheques made out to Eva Tombs. Send order to Aveva natural remedies, 22c Polwarth Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 1NB. Include your name address and post code and phone number with the order). It comes in a small jar, which should last about a month.

Here's what she has to say about how it works:

  • Gingko stimulates circulation in peripheral vascular system i.e. more blood flow to the fingers, quicker healing.
  • Symphytum promotes healing especially to periosteum (bone covering skin).
  • Ruta heals and strengthens tendons, which connect the muscles to the bones.
  • Cajaput and black pepper are essential oils which help heal bruising and pain and damage to muscles and tendons, they increase circulation and they help act as a natural preservative for the cream itself.

The Arsenicum album in homeopathic dosage, helps the hands to let go of the fear encountered in scary climbs. This fear also contributes to the pain and stiffness and cramping encountered after a rigorous climb.

I developed this cream on request from climbers and am constantly refining the formula.

The cream is best used before going to sleep (when most of the healing occurs) and after washing in the morning. Apply liberally and rub in well, using circular motion with the fingers of your other hand, pay special attention to the sides of the fingers, and the joints of the hand, stretching and closing your hands several times during and after the procedure. It is completely safe to use many times a day should you want to build up the strength in your hands.'

Eva can be contacted on 0131 228 3716 and evat@onetel.com

Reported by Tom Charles-Edwards on 06-10-2004

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