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Welcome to the new Scottish Climbs forums! It's pretty simple once you get the hang of it, but check out the discussion help page to make sure you're not missing anything. The main forums are listed below, but feel free to start a new forum on any page of Scottish Climbs. Check the lastest posts link to see who's posted what, where and when. Happy posting!


Latest posts

I know this recent threads thing is still very primitive, but I can't be bothered doing any more to it today and I really wanted to get something up and working since not having it was pissing everyone off (including me). It's definitely a work in progress and I know there are few issues with it already. -Mark Somerville

About the Forums

We're now using a new discussion system, called LiquidThreads, every discussion page on the site (see the link up there - it's on almost all pages?) can contain multiple forum threads. The new discussion system is quite a radical departure from what we are used to. However, large organisations like the Wikimedia Foundation (who run Wikipedia and other large wikis are switching to this system - they wrote it), so lots of things are headed this way.

This is all very new - we hoping that order will arise from chaos and the SC sort something out that makes the most sense! It's quite new, so bear with us, please! Everyone here is kind of figuring it out as we go along!

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