Gob Geo (Gob a'Gheodha)

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A deep slot in the headland of Gob a'Gheodha just north of the sandy bay at Slaggan.


Directions & Approach

Grid Ref: NG 835947

From Slaggan, go through the gate and take the path that passes right of the solitary gable ends and heads towards the beach. Where it branches, take the path that heads north along the top of the grassy cliffs, passing through another gate, until a rocky headland is reached, marked by a wooden cross. Wander down the grassy slope and across a large smooth slab to reach the lower side of the slot.


Described right to left.

The Slab

Descend into the slot and use jammed boulders to get across to the slab. This is not possible at high tide or rough seas, in which case you could consider downclimbing the broken rock left of Obelix.

The Slab Topo

Tat's Route 10m VS 4b
Short and simple.

Cacofonix 10m HS 4b
A good line and nice route.

Asterix VS 4b
Nervous leaders may find escaping into Cacofonix too tempting.

Head Games VS 4b
Bold climbing on snappy rock.

Getafix HS

Obelix S
Squeezed in on the left edge.


Short and steep, calm seas and a high tide produce the only recommended DWS area on Rubha Mor. A short swim is required to exit the water. Easiest descent to the routes is down the seaward side.

Dogmatix 6m VS 5b

Vitalstatistix 5m VS 5b

Cleverdix 4m VS 5a

First Ascent Info

Date Route(s) Climber(s)
Jun 1999 Head Games A Cunningham and J Pickering
Jun 1999 Cacofinix, Asterix, Dogmatix, Vitalstatistix, Cleverdix C Meek, D Neville and J Robinson
Jun 1999 Getafix J Robinson, D Neville and C Meek
Jun 1999 Obelix D Neville, J Robinson and C Meek
Oct 1999 Tat's Route P Tattersall

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