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Gritstone is a sedimentary rock composed of coarse sand grains with inclusions of small stones. It is a coarser version of sandstone. It was laid down in the late (upper) Paleozoic era, in the Carboniferous period, in delta conditions.

Gritstone is a sedimentary rock and frequently shows signs of cross-bedding or current bedding. It is quarried for building material. British gritstone was used for millstones to mill flour and grindstones to sharpen blades, giving rise to its other common name of millstone grit.

Climbing on Gritstone

The rough surface provides outstanding friction, enabling climbers to stand on or grip the subtlest of features in the rock. The rock is much loved by peak district climbers, among whom it has almost cult status and is often referred to as "God's own rock" -but this may be because that's the kind of rock most commonly found in the Peak District (well apart from limestone)

Where to climb on Gritstone in Scotland


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