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Free guides to Climbing venues in Scotland.

This page contains an A-Z listing of our full guides; If you can't find what you want try browsing by Area or by Climbing Style, or look at the in progress section

Top 5 Guides on ScottishClimbs
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1. Auchinstarry Quarry (11,101 views) AuchinstarryProm.jpg
2. The Anvil ‎(11,049 views) DSC 5396.jpg
3. Benny Beg (10,650 views) Bennybeg s1.jpg
4. Ratho Quarry (9,159 views) Black wall - east wall.jpg
5. Ravenscraig ‎ (7,837 views) Ravencrag3.JPG
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Under construction

The folowing Guides that are currently incomplete - Please help ScottishClimbs by contributing

Guides that just need a wee bit of tidying up

These guide are substantially complete - they just need a few finishing touches. Possibly some spell checking, maybe better directions or an expansion of some of the descriptions. A nice easy first step on the road to wiki editing

Guides that need some work

These guides need a bit more work - Things like route descriptions, directions or maybe a topo

Project Guides

These guides need a lot of work... ...fancy a project?

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