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You can read more about the blog aggregator on the Planet SC page; whos on it, what it is and how to contribute.

Trouble Shooting

My latest post doesn't show up on the front page

  • Don't be too impatient - the aggregator only refreshes every so often, so posts don't show instantly
  • Check the Date - the aggregator only shows the latest 5 posts, by posting date. If the posted date is a while ago then there may be more recent posts stealing your limelight. Either change the posted date, or get round to blogging more quickly next time!
  • Tags - For some (not all) blogs we only pick up articles that have a specific tag - Is your blog one of these? - if so check you added the tag

Of course sometime things do go wrong at this end (hey - what do you expect? perfection?), if you think it has, or you are still stuck, give us shout

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