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Here's a quick guide on how to join in discussion on ScottishClimbs.

We recently started using LiquidThreads discussions on our Wiki - This means you can start a discussion on any page in the SCWiki.


Log In

You'll need to be logged in

Join an exisiting discussion

Finding Discussions

Each page on SC has a discussion tab (circled)

There's a few diffrent ways to find discussion on SC;

By Subject: All wiki pages on Scottishclimbs have a Discussion Tab at the top. So, for example, if you wanted to join discussion about bolt removal at Dunira, you could look on the Dunira discussion page.

Forums: We have also set aside some space for chat under Forums

Most Recent: You can see all the recent discussion here: Latest Posts

My Threads: You can see new posts in threads you are involved in (or watching) in your New Messages, found at the top of the page

Reply to a Discussion

  • There's a reply button on each post - click the one you want to reply to.
  • A text box will open - type into this
Plain text is fine
or, if you want to you can use wiki editing to make links, or format text.
  • Press show preview to check everything looks ok
  • Press the Save page
  • Your user name and the time and date will be added automatically

Start a Topic

a disussion page

To start a disucssion:

  • Navigate to an appropriate page
  • Click the discussion tab
  • Check the exisiting threads (to make sure you aren't repeating)
  • Click the Start a new discussion link
  • Type text into the box
  • hit preview to check it looks Ok
  • Hit Save.

Watching Threads

  • If you start or join a discussion you will automatically be watching it
    • if you don't want to watch it click unwatch
    • you can change this default setting in your preferences.
  • If you find a thread you want to follow you can watch it.
  • Anytime someone posts on a thread you are watching your new messages will be updated. When you have new messages it will be bold.


ScottishClimbs has always let you edit your own posts, useful to change typos.

Now you can also edit other people's posts too

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