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This page should help you create links in pages you edit.

Internal links

The Very Easy Way

Creating a link using the wiki is very easy;

A. Simply add 2 square brackets at each end of the word you want to link


 [[Ben Nevis]] is Scotland's highest mountain. 

would give

Ben Nevis is Scotland's highest mountain.

B. Highlight the text you want to be the link and press the Button link.png button in the editing toolbar. This will add the brackets for you.

See! told you it was easy

Alternative Text

if you wanted to link to one page, but use slightly diffrent text you can put the page you want to link to in the left side of the brackets then use a | and the text you want to display in the right side of the brackets.

 [[Ben Nevis|The Ben]] is Scotland's highest mountain. 

would give

The Ben is Scotland's highest mountain.

Clicking on this link would take you to the Ben Nevis Page.

You can create links to any page, by adding square brackets -If the page doesn't exist yet the link will show as red. This is also how to create pages. When creating links be careful over spelling and punctuation. If you think the page might exist already but the link is red, try searching for the page.

Some things to be aware of

Captial Letters: The first letter of a link can be either uppercase or lowercase and it will still take you to the same place. Eg Sport climbing is the same as sport climbing. However when capitals appear anywhere other than the first letter the wiki recognises it as a diffrent word eg. Sport Climbing. All this means is make sure you are using capitals in the right way.

Plurals: Plurals matter, when creating links it's usually better to use the singular. pitons is recognised as a diffrent word to piton. There is however a neat trick you can use - add an s straight after the closing brackets (with no space) eg.


This creates a link that looks like pitons - but takes you to the page for piton.

External links

There are a number of ways to link to external pages

1. Simple

just type the address in full eg

2. Neat

A. Enclose in a single set of square brackets. eg


gives [1]

B. You can paste in the URL (remember the http:// bit), highlight it and use the External link icon.png to add the brackets for you

3. Alternate text

To change the text of the link use a single set of square brakets with the web address on the left, followed by a space, then the text you wish to display

[ ScottishClimbs]



If you press the External link icon.png button it will add sample text in this format, which you can then over-type. [ link title]

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