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The Watch function is one of the pretty neat functions offered by the software we use for the SCWiki. It lets you keep track of edits made to you favourite SCWiki pages, so for example you could use it to see who's been repeating Scotland's hardest sport climbs (mostly Alan Cassidy it seems) or when new Guides get added.



  • Make sure you are logged in to SCWiki
  • Go to the the page you want to watch
  • from the tabs across the top of the page select Watch - This will add the page to your watch list.

email Alerts

You can also get emailed when there are changes to your watchlist.


Go to my preferences and in the user profile section , under emails, check the box next to E-mail me when a page I'm watching is changed. easy eh?

note: you won't be emailed about any more changes until you have been and visited the page

In a bit more depth

  • Your watchlist is a filtered version of the page recent changes. When you look at the recent changes page - pages on your watch list will be shown in bold.
  • You can remove pages from your watchlist by a) going to the page and selecting the unwatch tab or b) going to my watchlist (right at the top of the page, in the orange SC header). Then clicking the link that says Show and edit complete watchlist. This will take you to Special:Watchlist/edit where you can uncheck any pages you got fed up watching.
  • When you make edits to a page, you will also be given the option to add that page to your watchlist.
  • If one activates the user preference "Add pages I edit to my watchlist", the checkbox on the edit page will automatically be checked, so unless it is unchecked before saving, the page will be watched upon saving. Additional options are
    • "Add pages I create to my watchlist" (if the previous is checked this need not be checked, because creation counts also as an edit),
    • "Add pages I move to my watchlist" ,
    • "Add pages I delete to my watchlist".
  • One can hide or show the following types of edits, using the corresponding links: minor edits, bot edits, one's own edits. These can also be set in preferences as initial options when the user comes to Special:Watchlist page.

More info

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