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This brick wall at one end of the main sports hall in the Centre for Sport and Excercise, was converted in the 70's by a couple of local mountaineers. The club president at the time decided the wall could be put to good use, so after making arrangements with the cleaners provided ropes, chisels and hammers to three Edinburgh Uni climbers one evening...

The cleaners arrived earlier than usual and the plot only came to light as they were caught leaving, rather dusty as they were!

After offering to put the holds back where they got them from (cheeky) and stern words from the University Principal - the Heriot Watt Uni climbing wall was opened officially.

It remains a great training ground, particularly good for developing strong fingers.

It is a regular meeting place for the Heriot Watt University Mountaineering Club (www.hwumc.co.uk)

Harnesses can be hired from the Sports Centre reception.

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