Keith Partridge in Glasgow - Filming the Extreme

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Keith Partridge: Filming the Extreme - Capturing Adventure - Thu 14th Jan

Keith Partridge’s ‘office’ is as unusual as his commute. As one of the country’s most experienced adventure cameramen (including organsing the filming of the Hollywood film: ‘Touching The Void) his journey to work may well kick-off with a heart-stopping abseil through vertical jungle, a helicopter winch-line onto an icy mile-high mountain face or a close encounter with some of the world’s most iconic wildlife. With camera in hand he has made the most challenging, spectacular and remote places on the planet his ‘office’ during his freelance career working for the major broadcasting companies including the BBC, Discovery and Channel 4.

This sideways look at the ‘extreme’ will take us on a journey through a variety of projects and extraordinary locations with stories from behind the scenes. In this ‘how did they do that’ presentation we’ll examine just what it takes to capture the essence of adventure from some of the most outrageous situations and camera positions imaginable. This presentation carries a health warning to all those of nervous disposition and sufferers of vertigo. ‘Edge Of The Seat Stuff’ ‘HUGELY ENTERTAINING’ ‘In your face adventure’

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