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A well hidden, well equipped sport crag. Routes from F3 thru to F7b+. The downside is the recent illegal dumping of rubbish into the pool by a local resident - just when the evidence of older tipping was starting to be hidden by vegetation. And the rock isn't the best! Some of the harder, less well travelled lines may require a gentle brushing before an ascent

Rocktype: Sandstone (Soft)

Directions & Approach

Take the Dundee to Coupar Angus road. Turn right at the junction towards Newtyle. Along the road to the wee village. Just before the second house on the right you'll see a track leading up towards woods. Drive carefully up the track and park with consideration just beyond the waterboards holding reservoir(?). Make sure you dont block access to other users of the track or to the reservoir. Walk up the track past the gate - the quarry is shortly seen on your right. To get to the routes on the right hand side follow the path around the pool rather than traversing all the way across the Pool Wall. The routes on the overhanging wall all have starts from down at the level of the pool. However, they are more often climbed by scrambling up to the ledge and taking a belay there. Your descision.


not ordered

  • Rotweiller F4
  • Scarred for Life F6a
  • Magic Pockets F6b
  • Pit Bull F4
  • Cat Scratch Fever F4
  • April's Arete F3+
  • Easy Ley F6a+
  • Nectar F6a+
  • Nirvana F7a+ ***
  • Five Magics F6b+ **
  • Footfall F6a 19
  • Not the Risk Business F6c
  • Drowning by Numbers F7a+ *
  • Darkmoon Rising
  • Barrel of Laughs F7a **
  • Life's a Beach F6b *
  • Fat Man Starts to Fall F6b *
  • Making the Grade F7b
  • Pool of Despair F7a+ *
  • Leyed To Rest F7a
  • Dropping Like Flies * F6b
  • Twilight Zone * F7a
  • Fishing for Compliments * F6b
  • Caught in the Act * F6b
  • Traditional Imperfections * F6a *
  • Haul or Nothing * F7b+ **
  • Holy Water * F7b
  • The Magic Thumb * F7b

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