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The Lowland Outcrops roughly covers everything in the central belt and further south. It is covered by the recently updated SMC guide, "Lowland Outcrops". Unsurprising given its geographic range, Lowland Outcrops contains a wide variety of climbing styles on a wide variety of rock types. From the dolerite quarries of the central belt to the granite seacliffs of the south west, from the urban Dumbarton, to the fleeting ice falls of the southern uplands.


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SC Guides

We currently have full guides to the following crags in Lowland Outcrops:

We also have guides that need a bit of work in this area - Please help SC by contributing

For a google earth file indicating all the crag locations click here: Lowland Outcrops Download

Climbing walls


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SMC Lowland Outcrops

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