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Dave Brown - 11/07/2003

Scotland's first dedicated dry tooling training facility, The School Yard, opened this week. 60 sq metres of hardcore ice axe bouldering is the product of Dave B and Diffs labours, plus a long list of other Edinburgh based climbers.

The obligatory opening comp. witnessed a gladiatorial battle in the hard category. Scores were pretty even after the first three problems. On his final attempt on the fourth, Mike Tweedley fought his way up to touch the final hold, but failed to hang it. Paul Newman then powered his way up, missing out a fig. Of 4 high up he held a big swing one armed and landed the last hold with a dyno. The final problem involved a devious sequence of 7 fig4s/fig9s in a row up the 45 and across the roof. Again it was only Paul who managed to link all the moves and hang on throughout.

In the fun category Laura took the honours proving that not having used ice axes before is no obstacle if youve good footwork and plenty of determination. Routes were set by Fiona, Dave and Diff.

So well done to Mr and Mrs Steinpuller (Paul and Laura). Watch out for a dry tooling league starting in the autumn.

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