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In the last week Mr Cassidy has been putting his hard training to good use grabbing 8, 8s in 8 days climbing including his 3rd 8b+ of the year.

The routes:

  • On-sight: ?? 8a/+, Thai Dream 8a (both Santa Linya) and L'Ordre del Fenix 8a, Mirall Trencat 8a (very soft) (both Alos de Balaguer)
  • Redpoint: Radio Baltoro 8b+ (Alos de Balaguer); Migranya 8b (Siurana)

In addition there were a couple of near miss onsight attempts of 2 8as in Margalef (Laura, Sarau Nocturn) both quickly redpointed as well as a smattering of onisght 7c/7c+s.

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