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Mark Somerville - 01/08/2001

I thought that I should write this before everyone finds the site and it gets popular (hopefully). Right now the site is in the Beta Stages. That means that there are probably still some bugs to iron out and some pages to write.This shouldn't take too many hours of work, but will mostly be done when I get back from climbing in eastern Europe (sometime in September). Until then I'll try to find somebody who has a little HTML, PHP and MySql experience and who is crazy enough to administer the site for a month or two.

Before I head off I should have the layout of the Photo Gallery improved and the Guides, Articles and News sections pretty much finished. The message boards appear to be working OK despite a couple of bugs. The New Routes database is nearly done (it works along similar lines to the Photo Gallery), but will need to wait until I get back. There are a few 'odd' pages (like the ones accessed from the menu on the left) that still need written, but they're not super-important.

That's all for now. I'll try to get as much done before I go as I can. If you spot and bugs or errors, please mail me: I hope you find the site useful, interesting or something.

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