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Mark Somerville - 11/12/2001

At last! If you've been wondering why there haven't been a lot of updates to the site recently it's because most work has been going in to the promised new routes database. Although it is a shame that this is the most newsworthy event in Scottish Climbing recently! In this case 'new routes' are ones that have been climbed since the most recent publication of the relevant SMC guidebook. So get bashing those routes in even if they aren't so recent.

The database should now (hopefully) be fully up and running and mostly bug free. I hope that it's easy to use and understand, but if not just shout on the message boards and I'll be happy to help. There are a couple of (very) little help pages on the pages that let you add crags and routes. Please read these before adding anything so that everyone keeps a nice consistent format.

Please post any bugs as soon as you spot them. I've tested the database, but there's bound to be the odd mistake. Comments are nice too, especially if anyone has problems with the interface.

Thanks to Daniel for giving a neat idea for the layout of the pages.


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