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Reported by the SC team on 29/10/2004

ScottishClimbs are pleased to announce the release of new merchandise: iPod SC special edition. This fantastic addition to the iPod line-up is available from Apple stores around Scotland, direct from Apple and from the ScottishClimbs store - soon!

Like no other, iPod SC Special Edition stands out. Bright orange, it bears a white Apple Click Wheel, and, on the flip side, room to engrave whatever you want. Available for just 249 with a 20GB capacity, it comes with an exclusive Baby Blue ScottishClimbs T-shirt and, of course, the signature white iPod earbuds.

Mike and Mark are just back from Apple's Special Music Event in San Jose, California where the launch of the SC iPods were to be announced. Unfortunately, Bono of U2 fame took far too long announcing their special edition iPod so they were unable to appear on the main stage with Apple supremo, Steve Jobs.

As an apology Steve Jobs has promised exclusive SC Hilti belt clips for everyone ordering through our own store. Perfect for grooving whilst drilling that roadside crag!

Get all the info at the iPod SC Special Edition page.

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