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Mark Somerville - 11/09/2001

As it's getting a little colder and everyone I speak to in Edinburgh starts to buzz when Northumberland is talked about, here is what is known so far: Apparently the crags to the south of Hexam are all closed. Jesmond Deane and Marston Rock are both open for bouldering. The Kyloe crags (in and out) are also open along with Causey Quarry, Corbys Crag, Houghton Graveyard and Back Bowden. Bowden Doors is open, but please contact the farmer (go down the hill, southwards, and turn right at the crossroads) for permission if you have travelled from an infected area. Jack Rocks - No access whatsoever from the field at the top of the crag. Use the riverside path for access and please do not park by the cottage at the very bottom of the track. Highcliffe Nab, Guisborough: the easiest open approach is from Hunter Hill Farm.

Probably best to check the BMC website for the latest information.

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