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Simply, it's a cunning service that shows you the lastest blog posts made by Scottish climbers.

So, who are we Stalking?

The blogs we are following are:

Blog Name In essence? Climber(s)
Alpine Dreams of a Desk Monkey Sabbatical road trip bliss Emma Sutton
BelleVedere SC admin girl has small adventures Susan Guest
Cold Fusion Striving for the next grade Dave Redpath
Colin's Stories some ramblings (also check out the pics) Colin Moody
Deft Moves Rad trad, sport and travel Niall McNair
Dave MacLeod Climbing All round extremes Dave MacLeod
Hot Aches Productions Climbing film makers Dave Brown and Paul Diffley
The Magic Spanner SC stuff Mike Lauder
Online Climbing Coach Training and coaching Dave MacLeod
Robots are cool SC stuff Mark Somerville
Roddy Mackenzie Bouldering Does what it says on the tin Roddy Mackenzie
Punters Krac Climbing banter The Punters
Sam's World of Pain Teen angst Sam Clarke
Stewart Brown Climbing Tales of a young Scottish climber Stewart Brown
Stone Country Books and Boulder Banter 'Irish' John Watson
Team Mackenzie Climbing indoors and out Team Mackenzie
The Hoarmaster Full time winter climber Stuart Burns
Mark McGowan Climbing Getting off Flat Street Mark McGowan
Auld Rock Boulders Shetlands' secret stones Paul Whitworth
Kris Hill Hill Adventures Kris Hill
Greg Boswell Extreme Scottish Winter is where he's at Greg Boswell

How do I get my Blog to show?

Ask! Email us or ask on the Talk page, and we will consider adding you to the blog aggregator. We normally say yes.

Occasionally if some of the content on your blog isn't aimed at our audience (i.e. about climbing) or if you don't want some of the posts quite so widely publicised we might opt for picking up only the posts with a certain tag (e.g. "climbing" or "scottishclimbs").

Having Trouble? Check out the Help pages

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