Polly Murray in Glasgow - Antarctica, Everest and Beyond

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Polly Murray: Antarctica, Everest, And Beyond - Thu 11th Feb

At 26, Polly became the first Scottish woman to summit Mount Everest. Three years earlier, she was the first person to ski off the summit of Mount McKinley/Denali, North America’s highest mountain.

Polly has competed in Nordic and Biathlon European ski races, and in a Telemark World cup ski race.

More recently she has been teaching Alpine skiing in the Pyrenees and the French Alps. During the summer months Polly lives by abseiling down buildings carrying out maintenance work.

For the last three years Polly has worked for the BBC on the BAFTA winning, “Serious” series as co-expedition leader and presenter taking young people on adventure trips.

She has participated in major Antarctic and Arctic sailing expeditions, making several first ascents and pioneering ski traverses on remote islands.

So, we have mountaineering, exploring, skiing, sailing and wildlife, and great photos – don’t miss Polly’s talk.


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