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Dave Redpath - 13/12/2005

The momentous efforts of Dave MacLeod have made another of his long standing Dumbarton Rock projects a reality. Pressure 8B tackles the prominent cave and exit below Dumbarton's Eagle boulder.

In 2003 Dave tied together over a decade of work at Dumbie by completing the moves across the cave from right to left. However a snapped hold on the roof denied him the link. In late 2003 he managed to reclimb the roof link and complete the left cave exit into High Flyer. The standing start was named Smoke Screen - Font 8a+ in itself. Despite prolonged effort through the winter of 2003-04 the link-up wasn't to be.

As soon as the leaves began to turn in 2005 Dave was back with a vendetta for success: "This time I found a bit more toe hook trickery that made the crux flow much better and immediately I started getting to the last couple of moves. I fell off 11 times from the last move then had 5 days off and did it first try December 12. I hit the jug but my feet came off (which normally means game over) but had a weird cut loose moment where time slows down and you cant tell if you've done it till the legs finally swing in again."

Dave's reflections on the Dumbarton project appeared in an article in Stone Country in 2004, which summarised on a personal level what hard climbing projects really involve. Hotaches Productions have also filmed the first ascent, a clip of which should soon appear on their website.

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