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Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, Ratho, reopens to climbers today, Monday the 19th February 2007.

This partial reopening will provide access to the climbing arena and changing areas, other areas will follow at the point of full reopening. While the centre has been closed the walls have all been stripped and over 100 new routes set. There has also been a name change; from the Adventure Centre to Edinburgh International Climbing Arena.

Due to the limited access, visiting climber will pay £5, loyalty card holder £4 and kids £2.50 there'll be free tea and coffee, and affordable flapjacks

The opening hours when we re-open for partial use will be as follows:-

  • Monday to Friday 17:00hrs - 22:00hrs
  • Saturday and Sunday 10:00hrs - 18:00hrs

Work carried out includes:

  • All of the climbing routes are being redesigned and set by our climbing team to provide some fantastic new challenges for re-opening.
  • There is now a climbing team office in the arena, where the bouldering cave used to be. This will ensure instructors will be available at all times.
  • The car park now has a smooth tarmac surface, illuminated by new street lights.
  • A new bouldering facility is going to be installed into the old scuba tank room, with an entrance from the arena. The tank is being covered so options remain open in the future for a potential caving facility.

The second phase of the reopening will include the spa, the gym and fitness studio, the Skyride, Tiso’s shop, conferencing and catering facilities and is expected to be fully open and operational in May.

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