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On Friday (12th March) a bug in the forum software we had been using was exploited and a couple of pages were defaced. Fortunately, the way we had things set up didn't allow the problems to spread any further, but we decided to take all of our systems offline until we could be sure of that and get things back in order. Right now the main ScottishClimbs site is back online and more things will return in time.

We had been finding it difficult keeping our forum software up-to-date, which is how this was allowed to happen. We're now discussing the future of the forums - whether we should migrate to some new software that is more secure and easier to maintain or just archive the existing forums, keeping all of the data viewable but not allow any more posts.

Comments wanted

Does anyone feel particularly strongly about this? How worthwhile do you think the forums are?

There is some discussion happening about this on the discussion page for this article.

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