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A recent thread on the forum has highlighted the possible usefulness of having a central location for a list of recetly cleaned routes, so here it is:

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If you have recently climbed a route, found it in poor nick and subsequently left it in a more climbable state, please put the route name, crag, area and date of cleaning below. Feel free to add any other notes you feel might be useful, but no beta...don't want to blow those on-sights!

Linking to the crag in question on the wiki would be very helpful. We are currently developing a page where we are going to lay out some guidelines for the best approach to cleaning routes.

The Routes

Chisel E4 6a,
Cambusbarron West Quarry
Cleaned summer 2008 - Left hand finish. Direct finish was too manky to bother!

Range War E4, Main Pitch
Dubh Loch
Cleaned summer 2007

Fer de Lance, E6, Main Pitch
Duch Loch
Cleaned summer 2007

Jarldom Reach, E5/6
Loch Maree Crag
Climbed (and clean) July 2008

Thugosaurus Direct, E5
Earnsheugh, Aberdeen Coast
Climbed (by several) July 2008

South Side Story V3
Muchalls Shore: South Bay
Cleaned May 2008

Debarnacling and delimpeting of good problem.

Echo Wall E?? 7?? 100m
Echo Wall - Echo Wall First Ascent
Cleaned July 2008

Centrepiece E6 6b ***
Polldubh - Glen Nevis
Cleaned July 2008

Jodicus Direct E7 6c ***
Wave Buttress - Glen Nevis
Cleaned July 2008

Inimitable E8 6c ***
Styx Buttress - Glen Nevis
Cleaned March 2010

Lame Beaver E7 6b **
Polldubh - Steall Hut
Cleaned July 2008

Weird Sister E3 5c ** 50m
Earnsheugh - Findon Cliffs
Cleaned all the thick moss off the upper arete on 14/08/06.

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