Requiem Ground Up

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Will Atkinson on Requiem, Dumbarton Rock
Photo Johnny Bean

Will Atkinson has made the first ground up ascent of Requiem E8 6c at Dumbarton Rock. This intimidating central line has seen a few repeats now in the last decade but most have choosen to do it head point style or use pre place gear and take the F8a+ tick.

Will's battle began last summer as he tried the intial F7c+ jamming crack. Finding this a challenge he decided to stick it out ground up rather than work the moves on top rope. Trying the line again this year the breakthrough came when he made it to the 'party ledge' at 2/3 height. The final head wall took a few more days to work out. One try included the famous 40ft whipper when the crucial nut and cam ripped from the top wall. Will battled the early May bad weather to finish the job toping out on Monday 9th May.

More photos here and here.

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