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Fri 17th January saw the fourth instalment of this winters Alien Rock Fun Comps.

No ridicules problems this time, however the governor Mr Tweedley had been on site earlier leaving a few harsh problems for the punters, notably the low traverse on blobs utilising a hook, and a sneaky traverse reminiscent to an out endurance lap on the upstairs bouldering wall. The 30 Deg lead was also had some modest problems for a change, getting some ascents, a nice change to Nicks usual screw-on attacks. The Hard category problems hit the right level this round with not too many showstoppers. Although though even Mr Vincent fell victim to last move of the fore mentioned traverse. The Easy category however had murmurs of discontent about problems being to hard, or maybe just to much turkey

Tasty prizes this round consisted of not one but two ropes for the double traditional leader, more ice axes than it takes to equip the Scottishclimbs dry tooling team J, and all the usuals from Ts, hats to walking sticks and belay plates. A happy crowd indeed. With the last of this seasons comp falling on Valentines Day, it looks likely to be a lurvley finish to the series indeed


Mens Hard Category Womens Hard Category
Name Score Name Score
Gary Vincent 347 Olga Heaney 242
Chris Graham 336 Kirsty McBirnie 237
Niall McNair 336 April Marr 231
Tim Lillig 328 - -
Mens Easy Category Womens Easy Category
Name Score Name Score
Lee Murry 220 Jane Humphreys 191
D. Hamilton 214 Ruth Love 150
Peter Cowburn 207 Penny Howdan 141
Mens Under 16's Category Womens Under 16's Category
Name Score Name Score
Jack Willoughby 190 Lianne Smith 167
Richard Field 167 Aline Kirkland 149
Forbes Duncan 127 Hannah Aitken 116

Dave Redpath (29-01-2003)

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